Sock Curl Hair Method

Sock Curl Hair Method. Cut to some time later when. I was completely amazed by how well the sock curling technique worked.

Easy HEATLESS Curls I Using DIY Hair Donut I 5 Minute NO Heat Sock from

Secure one sock at the top of your head with a claw clip or bobby pins. Start with one section and spray your hair thoroughly. The concept of curling your hair using socks isn't new,.

Divide Your Hair Into Four Sections, With A Split Down The Center.

Follow this simple method of curling your hair with socks right now. Wash your hair/wet your hair. You should split your hair into four manageable components.

There Shouldn’t Be Any Wet Water, Just Damp.

Organize your hair so that four parts are manageable. Kay’s video on tiktok for sock curls got more than 300k views in less than a week after she has shared the secret behind her curls. Take sections of your hair and wrap it around the sock,.

Slide It Down Just 2.

Place the sock top up near the top of your head. Section your hair in half (you’ll use two socks). Sock curls will give you a good reason not to throw away those old socks of yours:

Go Through Your Hair To Make Sure.

Kay's video makes the process look almost too easy to be true: Cut off the toe of a clean sock to make a tube. Next morning, you would have beautiful waves in the hair.

I Decided To Do The Sock Method Of Curling My Hair And It Turned Out Great But The Back.

Separate the section into two equal halves on either. Cut about two inches from the sock’s toe and. 'i slept with socks in my hair and the result was 90’s.

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